Hello there and welcome! Let me introduce myself as Rick Nasty! I'm the owner. The manager is Lynn. I worked with PSB in the past and took over the company when the owner decided to shut it down. It closed for several reasons, but mostly personal ones. PSB was in business for 25 years and that's a pretty good run for any business!

As I have taken over I wanted to explain how this service operates and differs slightly. While it may seem awkward at first, the whole thing is actually quite easy. The billing is painless, I promise! It's "change" and an "adjustment" but once you are set up the first time then calls are very easy to do in the future. There are no live Dispatchers on this line. That allows us to make the rates a bit cheaper.

#1) All of the lusty ladies are still available.

#2) The website offers categories: Hot Ladies, Shemales, BBW's, Older Women, Ethnic Ladies, and Barely Legal Babes.

#3) You can Pay by Phone or Pay Online.

#4) There are no live dispatchers. The billing is automated which means you enter your own either on your phone or online.

#5) You can deposit as much in funds as you'd like to your account. Some callers add $100 or $200 to their accounts and then do calls until the funds are gone. After that they simply add more.

#6) The rates are cheaper. It is only $2.00 per minute now with a 5 minute minimum.

#7) The billing name has changed to Help By Phone LLC on your statement and is very discreet.

Since I understand this is a "change" I am more than happy to talk to you personally. My contact telephone number is located at the bottom of this website. Please feel free to call me personally.