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Life Coaching

Find constructive ways to move through life's challenges with the help of a Life Coach. Set and achieve goals, manage time and commitments, and improve your quality of living.

Relationship Counseling

Compassionate support can help you find your heart's desire or help you move through a separation.

Psychic Readings

From tarot readings to analyzing your zodiac chart, our specialists can help you gain insight into the past, present and future.

Spiritual Guidance

When you need answers to life's big questions, our guides are there to help you find your way. Find insight and a shoulder when you need it most.

Legal Consulting

Why pay extraordinary legal fees when you can just ask the questions you need answers to today! Have a small business? Been in an auto accident? Need help with an injury at work?

Health & Diet Coaching

Get a jump start on your health goals with the help of our coaches. Whether you're looking for help with nutrition or fitness, our experts can help you start feeling great!

Financial Consulting

Achieve your goals with the help of our financial consultants. No need to wait - save for that house or make that investment you've been wanting today!

The Job Market

Here you can find a professional to assist you with your search for work in a variety of fields.

Home and Garden

Whether you are new to gardening and home improvement or already have a green thumb or two, our home and garden experts can help you get the most out of your indoor and outdoor space.

Computers Tech Support

Our technicians are the best in the business. Find a professional to guide you through any type of help you may need with software, hardware or mobile devices.


The art form of erotic conversation and the exploration of sexual fantasies.

Satisfaction Guarantee


Your satisfaction with every transaction you have with BillPerCall Agents and staff is our primary goal. We will gladly credit your account for any transaction which you feel is less than satisfactory for an amount up to $30.

If you would like a refund, please follow these instructions:

  • Leave a detailed response on an Agent's feedback form describing in detail why the interaction was not satisfactory.
  • Give the Agent the star rating you feel accurately reflects the interaction. Don't be afraid to leave one-star ratings if that seems appropriate.
  • Create a Support Ticket from your Member Control Panel within 5 days of the call. Please include the transaction details as well including: time, date and amount when submitting your refund request.

To avoid disputed transactions we recommend the following:

  • Get started with Agents that offer 2 free minutes or more for your first call.
  • If you at any point feel that the Agent is not a good match for you, feel free to hang up. Our auto-attendant will inform the Agent that you have disconnected the call.

We will review your request promptly and a representative will respond with a decision regarding a refund within 72 hours. We honor this refund policy once in a six month period and no more than 1 out of 10 transactions. After disputing charges from one of our Agents, they will no longer come up in your searches.