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Sex Addict Sunny

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Specializes in Taboo Phone Sex,MILF GILF and Mommy,Fetish Phone Sex,Dommes and Mistresses,Vanilla Phone Sex

Im addicted to extreme taboo

If it`s forbidden, I love it. If it`s taboo, I crave it. If it`s extreme, my pussy juices flow.

I want to take everything to the next level, especially age play and accomplice. There are so many things we can do to them that will make most people cringe.

I want to feel a soft, little cock on my lips. I want her little tongue to lick your cum out of my pussy. Maybe we can get "Rex" to play too! He`s a good boy!

It really doesn`t matter. As long as it`s dirty and corrupt, I`m in!

$ Regular Pricing: $2.25 per minute.
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  • Excellent!!! She got right into it,no limits,beautiful-sexy voice,Excellent All the Way Around!!! Thank you gorgeous,Absolutely Amazing!!!

    - BenPoundin

    April 9, 2020