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Calissa Ryan

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Specializes in New Girls,Taboo Phone Sex,MILF GILF and Mommy,Fetish Phone Sex,Dommes and Mistresses,Vanilla Phone Sex

Extreme Taboo and Fetish MILF

Do your fetishes and taboos exceed what most people think is "normal"? Do you need a sensual woman /MILF like me to guide you on your taboo journey?

I`m Calissa, and I want you to follow me to a world where only the kinkiest, most taboo things happen. A world where your imagination knows no limits.

Do you have forbidden thoughts? Have you indulged in things that are so taboo that I`m the only one you can confess too? Do you need a sensual Domme like me to help you explore new fetishes or indulge in some old favorites?

I`m her for you. Whether you want it rough and dirty (yes, I can be VERY strict and demanding if need be) or sexy and sensual, I am exactly what you need.

I listed, to the left a few things that I am into but really I am into just about everything especially the dark, dark taboo stuff.

Blackmail, Adult Babies and I will not be your sub

$ Regular Pricing: $2.25 per minute.
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