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Specializes in BBW

Sweet and funny (Sometimes Shy at First)

To be honest I want to have real conversations and become good friends. Tell me about your day. The good and the bad?

Let's joke around and flirt!

Let's be kinky and playful.

I don't judge.

Tell me things you wouldn't normally tell someone else and let me ask questions and pick your brain so that I can get to really know you.

Teach me something new!

I kind of want to be somebodys' pet.

I want to wait by the phone hoping to get a call from you. I want to miss you when you don't.

I want to be a good girl and make you happy.

I want to feel butterflies in my tummy when I think of you.

I want to know how thick your dick is.

I want to be your dirty little secret.

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