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This is a legal agreement between Callers and the owner of Cockteasesluts.com. You understand that by calling and receiving services you are agreeing to this Service Agreement.

This Phone Sex Service is for Adult Entertainment Purposes only. You must be a legal adult aged 21 or older. Any caller who violates this law will be reported to their local law enforcement agency and we report fraud to the bank for the Credit Card you have used.

We reserve the rights to collect information needed from Callers to thoroughly investigate the ownership of the credit card information supplied to us. This is done only during the billing process.

All connections to a Live Agent are billed whether they last 30 seconds or less. The website and preamble are very clear on policies, rates, and all needed information by callers. Please make choices carefully and pay attention to details. We are not responsible for a caller's negligence.

You are solely responsible for watching your own time and what you are spending.

There are NO REFUNDS on any calls that last longer than 1 minute. All call records, times, and your telephone number are logged.

We guarantee all clients who use our service that no personally identifiable information will be sold, given away, sent out, posted, emailed to anyone, or traded. Committing fraud is NOT covered by this guarantee.

We reserve the right to deny services to anyone for any reason.

We have a "no refund" policy. Purchases are final. Our minimum price is a 5-minute block of time, additional time is a per-minute charge. There are no exceptions.

We reserve the right to block a caller from speaking to a particular operator or from the entire company.

Callers may not harass or abuse any Agent. If that is your entire agenda then please go to another service... as we do not wish to do business with you. We will happily NOT take your money. We try very hard to maintain professionalism with our Agents and we expect them to be treated with respect.

This Phone Sex Service is not liable or responsible for the content of the telephone conversation you have with the Agent. If you, as the caller, feel uncomfortable or unhappy then you should disconnect the call with the fantasy artist and report all issues immediately by emailing the company at PhoneSexNasty@gmail.com.

If you have a complaint about one of our Agents please contact PhoneSexNasty@gmail.com with all of the details about your complaint. We cannot fix any problem or issue if we are not CLEARLY informed. If you remain "vague" or "general" then we cannot do anything.

Agents do not sell items or personally mail you anything, and do not make other payment arrangements for entertainment services outside of this company/service.

We do not monitor phone calls or police callers on behavior, discussion topics, or actions. But we do report illegal activity that may involve actual physical harm to another individual to the appropriate authorities. We may also correct negative behavior if needed.

We ask that callers do not give Agents their personal information: your address, personal telephone number, etc. And on the flip side, we ask callers not to ask our Agents to give them personal information. We respect your privacy and we expect you to do the same.

We ask that callers do not ask to meet Agents in person. This is an adult audiotext service and nothing further. By asking an Agent to meet you in person you are potentially harassing them, crossing their personal boundaries, and definitely making them feel awkward.

Attempting to solicit Agents for payments outside of the company will result in a caller being banned from the service.

Solicitation of Agents to work for another service or to encourage them to do anything against the company may result in legal action.

Callers must understand that while this is an adult service that it is for entertainment. We do not charge per your orgasm. We have no ability to control your physical body.

Callers may not add another person on the phone line that has not been verified as a legal adult by the company.

Calls are not transferable to another party or individual without them being subject to an Age Verification.

Occasional telephone system glitches occur, and any technical problems on our end will not be held against you. However, these issues are not "assumed", therefore you as the customer must report them to the Management right away. A technical problem with our telephone system should be noticeable and reported within 2 minutes of a call.

The company is not responsible for cell phone calls that drop on your end. Please use a reliable connection to call.

We do not direct mail advertisements, promotions, catalogs, or the like to clients. We do not partner with any company that does, and we do not use your information for any purpose other than billing and age verification.

We offer no membership programs, and we have no reoccurring charges that will appear on your bill. Charges to your account are only done when services are requested and performed.

We hold no responsibility for the unauthorized use of your credit card. Please see our Fraud Policy. We report all fraud. Copies of our telephone logs can be mailed to you by certified mail.

Disputing charges on your bill without contacting customer service means we will be mailing a certified letter to your home and your bank to collect on the debt. This letter will contain information on the content of your call in an attempt to remind you. It will also include telephone records of the call/s you made. Otherwise, there are no mailings to your home and your complete privacy IS maintained. If you have a disagreement on your charges then be smart and contact us first so we can find a solution to make us all happy.


Completing a payment card transaction involves two steps:

1) authorizing the purchase

2) settling the transaction

The authorization process does not transfer funds from the cardholder to the merchant. It's simply the bank's way of telling the merchant that the funds for a purchase exist and those funds are put on "hold" pending a charge.

Our minimum time costs $10 for a 5-minute call. When you call in to pay by phone we authorize your card the $10. So, if you talk 3 minutes or the full 5 minutes it's still $10. You are automatically billed once you hang up the phone.

When you EXTEND a call By Phone we will authorize your card for 20 additional minutes of time which is $40. Because you are extending the call you are not "charged" $40. It is a HOLD of funds. When you connect back to our Agent and continue your call you are not billed until that call is done. So, if you only talk an extra 3 minutes you are actually only billed for those 3 minutes which would be another $6. Once the call is billed by the system the $40 disappears and becomes the $6.

Our system will not authorize their card until the agent presses 1 to accept the call. So, if for some reason the Agent that you selected does not answer the phone or does not accept your call... then you will not have a hold on your card. You can simply make another choice.

If you Pay Online instead of By Phone you can add ANY amount of funds you wish. It works like a savings account in a way. The money REMAINS in your account until you use it. You will never lose your money. A client may only want one payment on their bill instead of several each time they extend a call by phone. Many clients deposit $100 or more and then use those funds up all month long. This is your opportunity to do that.

A "hold" on your funds will typically last anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days. At that time YOUR bank will drop the authorization. We do not have control over how long your bank puts your funds on hold. If it is a debit card that you are using that will likely depend on your bank's opinion about your spending habits.

If you have a hold on your card by our company and did not do a call that authorization can be removed. You can call your bank after 24 hours and ask them to release the funds. We cannot do anything about a hold through your bank.

If you would like more information about authorizations then please visit this link below for a very detailed explanation.

Occasionally a call doesn't go well for a client. Personality clashes happen, or sometimes you just don't click with a certain Lady. We understand this.

It is VERY rare that we receive a complaint and 99% of the time it is a "misunderstanding" rather than a genuine problem. Our Agents may have misunderstand your fantasy, or communication can break down.

If you have a genuine complaint about the service you have received, we ask that you follow this procedure and policy.

1.) Please contact Admin@cockteasesluts.com directly.

2.) Include as much detail about the complaint as possible. This means that claiming an Agent "sucked" or was "terrible" is simply not specific enough. Please explain what you felt and how you think the call went wrong. You can be honest with us because we are always honest with you.

There are NO REFUNDS ever without details. We decide this on a case by case basis. An Admin will speak to the Agent personally to hear her side of the story as well. We will try to judge the situation as fairly as possible.

IF and only IF we know for certain that an Agent is completely at fault will a refund be issued.

We will ONLY refund the $15 minimum. This means you can't talk to a lady for 30 minutes and complain the call was bad because as a client you have the control and ability to hang up the phone.

As a client you can often tell in under 2 minutes if a call is not going to work or if you are not connecting with the right Lady. If you hand up very quickly, we can take your complaint a bit more seriously.

Chronic complaints reflect poorly on you rather than the Agents.

If you wish we can also close your account with us per request in email at Admin@cockteasesluts.com You will no longer be able to log in and you will not be able to set up a new account with us in the future. You won't be able to do business with us at any of our websites. If you seek to re-open your account you can again email us to do so. Please understand that we reserve the right to not re-open your account.