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Pregnant Mom Laura - Fuck Me Into Labor

Who wants to cum fuck my tight, juicy pregnant pussy? You can rub my squirming belly and suck my milky tits as you drive your dick deep into my womb! I know tonight will be the night that you finally fuck me until my water breaks. Then the contractions will begin. You are wanting to fuck the little slut out of my cunt, aren`t you? Well in order to fuck her tiny mouth and pussy, you`ll need to fuck me into labor first. I know it`s beyond taboo but you love it. Call now so we can can get the birthing underway!

A stranger violated me and now I`m pregnant. I`ve been searching for a sick pervert who wants to fuck this slut when I push her out of my cunt. I don`t want her so you can use and abuse all of her tiny holes. It`s OK if you use her all up, I don`t mind!

It`s almost time! My belly is HUGE and squirming around with a brand new fuck toy for our perverted pleasure. Please cum and fuck me HARD. I need to not be pregnant anymore. I know your perv cock is waiting to penetrate something extremely young, tight and fresh.

Milk is dripping from my engorged tits. So I guess it`s time to fuck her out me. Who wants to do the honors? Call me now and you`ll get a nice, tiny reward!

I want you to rub my pregnant belly while you fuck me until my water breaks. Then keep fucking me until the contractions start. Continue to fuck me while I push. Then when she emerges we can have our filthy fun!

I`m looking for a vulgar pervert to fuck my pregnant pussy until that big gush of hot liquid spurts all over your cock. You know what happens then! The contractions start and it won`t be long now. She is your to do with as you please. I know it`s so beyond taboo but you know you love it!

First Time Callers: $10.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $1.00 per minute.

Regular Pricing: $20.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $2.00 per minute.
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