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Cuckolding 101

So, you want to be a cuckold? I wish I could say that it takes a real man to admit that heís a beta, but you and I both know that you are NOT a real man. Youíre a cuck: born a male but inherently submissive. And the truth is that no woman wants to get fucked by a beta male.

Through my Cuckold Training Program, you will learn what it takes to become a true cuckold. Above all else, however, you will acknowledge that your dick is of little to no value. Itís nothing more than an enlarged clit.

You will learn to suck cock, eat cum out of my pussy, and encourage me to fuck other men, all the while giving me money. Eventually you will take a cock up your ass, too. But not before I test it with my strap-on.

Think youíre up for the challenge of becoming a cuckold? Call me and prove it!

First Time Callers: $10.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $2.00 per minute.

Regular Pricing: $20.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $2.00 per minute.
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