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Foster Mom Fiona

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Specializes in Taboo,Milfs

Family Services

I`m foster mom Fiona from Family Services and I have a whole house full of homeless orphans that need to earn their keep. The state has NO idea what happens in my house of horrors. If you have the CA$H then cum help be break them in. Boys or Girls, extremely young or breeding age. I know that I`m a depraved sexual pervert but I just can`t help myself. I get so turned on wondering what we`re going to do to them together. No one wants them so we might as well use and abuse them in every way possible.

First Time Callers: $10.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $2.00 per minute.

Regular Pricing: $20.00 flat rate for 10 minutes Then is $2.00 per minute.
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  • Great

    - Hoarder

    December 29, 2019
  • not quite what I expected by reading her profile. Did not expect a child like voice, but I managed to abuse her and her friends just the same.

    - scoop51

    December 17, 2019