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The Helpful Psychic

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I am a clairvoyant psychic reader.

I am an accurate clairvoyant psychic reader with over 20 years of experience. I first noticed that I had a gift for reading people when I was a small child. I give psychic readings in mostly any area to include: love, money, career, spirituality, pets, etc. I can channell into your question quickly and tell you exactly what I see. I am a straight forward psychic reader. I have read for thousands of people from all over the world.

$ First Time Callers: $10.00 flat rate for 10 minutes then cost is $4.99 per minute.

Regular Pricing: $4.99 per minute.
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 +1 888-224-1047


  • Awesome

    - taneka

    June 13, 2021
  • Awesome

    - taneka

    June 13, 2021
  • great

    - virgo

    April 2, 2021
  • Wow! He is the real deal. I loved his reading and I will be back. Awesome.

    - Tina

  • He is clairvoyant and helpful as described.

    - Ginger

  • This is my second reading with the helpful psychic and I enjoyed his prediction about my current relationship. He was right.

    - Paula W.

  • I have never spoken to a psychic that was this accurate. He knew things about me that only a real psychic would pick up.

    - love medium

  • Its like he was reading me out of a book. Knew so many details and he was right. I am getting a divorce. I had told him nothing about this and yet he knew! He is real.

    - teddy bear

  • Thanks for helping me so much tonight. I was really down and you made me feel so much better. It was hard to hear, but I would rather hear the truth. Thanks for giving me a no fluff reading.

    - wally

  • Was just looking for answers. I had no idea why I even came. However, you read me so well. Thanks!

    - seeking love

  • The dates you gave me were on point. You were right, he called me like you said he would.

    - Cancic

  • As I sat down tonight and thought about what you said, I decided to leave you a feedback. I think I just have to get my life back in order and learn from my past mistakes. You are great and sooooo clairvoyant. Blessings to you Helpful.

    - Jazmine

  • You really picked up on specifics tonight. You blew me away. No really, you did!!! Thank you for being there for me so many times. I can't thank you enough.

    - Love Bug

  • I wish I had more money to spend with you. You are the best and really tune into the situation. I never had a psychic reading like this before. It was like you were reading my mind :)

    - Goldie

  • Its not everyday that you meet someone like the helpful psychic. I found you through a google search and I feel like I was lead to you. You really understand people so well. Thank you for your special gift.

    - Dina

  • You have given me so many reasons to want to come back every time. I can't get enough of him. Truly amazine and the real deal. So real its scary.

    - Master Man

  • I got the job like you predicted. Thanks for helping me. 10 stars for you!!!!

    - young george

  • Love this guy. I come to him so many times for help in my life. He gives me such peace and helped me out with my divorce. I had nobody else to talk to and he was there for me. Thanks Helpful.

    - Egggluto

  • Always easy to talk to and knows details that only a true psychic would know. I have no idea how he got so clairvoyant. It's almost not human. Are you a real person or someone from outer space? Just kidding. You are #1.

    - mini muffin

  • I am so happy with my reading. I will be back. Spent 20 minutes with him and it felt like an hour. He knew details that I never told him about. I will tell my friends about him. Try him.

    - Texas Chick